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Anvarol Reviews – We Breakdown Ingredients, Side Effects & Benefits!

This Anvarol review explains how it works and can it successfully burn fat? Read user reviews, ratings and health concerns reported to us!

Opening Summary – Crazy Bulk promotes their cutting supplement “Anvarol” as a one-stop solution to a journey of superior cutting and muscle defining results!


There is no getting away from the facts behind this supplement that is it a favourable edition in the Crazy Bulk range! With pages and pages of unique reviews posting positive feedback accompanied by before & after pictures boasting of their defined abs and ripped bodies!

Are these Anvarol reviews legit? And do they represent the true feelings of our experts and the many users? Our expert review system looks at these testimonials and compares them to a wide variety of sources, added with our own experience by our experts we will be exposing our real feeling behind this brand!

“Anvarol by Crazy Bulk claims to be the perfect alternative to Anavar! Are there claims true? We think NOT! But, Anvarol is making some noise in the bodybuilding world because it is boosting the performance and cutting levels among its dedicated fan base!”

Who Are Crazy Bulk?

Crazy Bulk is the creators, promoters and sellers of Anvarol.

Established back in 2012, the Crazy Bulk brand is ever-improving while increasing their library of products to get you into shape while boosting overall muscle growth and cutting!


By using a variety of different ingredients derived from plants roots, shells, plus vitamins and various minerals, Anvarol provides its users with heightened stamina, fat burning qualities, and performance-boosting properties!


Have we used Anvarol? Yes, here at Increasee, we have all used many of Crazy Bulk products! Plus the many Crazy Bulk stacks that are ready-made for different bodybuilding phases!

Carefully Created!

Over the years, Crazy Bulk has reintroduced different ingredients while decreasing and increasing certain ingredients based on recent research. There is no getting away from it Anvarol has been perfected over the years, by the makers at Crazy Bulk HQ!

When comparing the ingredients to research and clinical studies, Anvarol ticks all the boxes because of every part offers positives and fat-burning properties!

How Does Anvarol Work?

Anvarol provides high bursts of energy! It achieves this effect by stimulating the production of phosphocreatine. Which means that your muscle tissue will contain higher levels of ATP [adenosine triphosphate], ATP makes your muscles work for more extended periods.


Pushing your body to new levels is key to changing its muscle type if your low pushing weights for extended periods, you will define muscle tissue. When driving your body with a heavier weight, you will bulk and build bigger muscles.

If you are not pushing your body to the max, then you will not have much success when working out!

The Side Effects!

In general, Anvarol does not have serious side effects that would cause problems for a user. But like other bodybuilding supplements, if misused, like exceeding the dosage recommended on the product labelling, it can cause issues!

  • Dizziness
  • Sickness
  • Insomnia
ANVAROL Ingredients
ANVAROL Ingredients


The good thing is that these side effects are mostly controllable, only if you use the product according to the specifications on the product. Users who have a medical condition or taking medication should consult with a doctor before taking Anvarol!

  • Adenosine triphosphate or ATP Provides muscle tissue with massive bursts of energy!
  • Soy Protein Isolate. Reduces muscle loss & helps performance
  • Whey proteins. Another protein that provides growth and energy
  • BCAA’S. Branched-chain amino acids build muscle and deliver proteins
  • Wild Yam Root Extract. Increases hormone production and libido

All components are proven to have a positive effect on cutting cycles because they generally boost energy and reduce muscle loss! Listed below are the sources we used in researching these ingredients.


  • Anvarol offers VERY a mild effect of Anavar
  • Burns fats but still manages to avoid losing muscle mass
  • Designed for both males and females
  • Perfect for cutting cycles or fat burning


  • Some side effects are commonly noted in Anvarol reviews
  • If misused, it can lead to serious side effects!

Anvarol Reviews, History & Ratings

  • Effects – Cutting Phases
  • Sales History – 4+ years
  • Ingredient – Natural
  • Side Effects – Sickness/insomnia
  • Customer Opinion – 69% positive
  • Money-Back Guarantee – 30 days
  • Price Range – $37.00 – 45.00
  • Available For Delivery – International

Anvarol User Reviews!

“Don’t be fooled by the steroid hype; it is not as good as the real thing, although it does work well for a supplement. I have been using this for many months and happy with the cutting cycles it provides: Bannon AKA John the bull, Australia.”

“Anvarol is OK but works great when mixed with Testo Max; this is because Anvarol lacks in the testosterone department. If you are going to have a successful cutting cycle, you must improve testosterone levels. I use this minimum twice a year for six weeks because it strips away fat stores and sends your body into overload with energy. I can outlast anyone when lifting weights and sets. Derick, UK.”

The Conclusion

Our own opinion of Anvarol is favourable; we used it on its own and as part of a Crazy Bulk stack! We found it to improve energy & stamina significantly, but more importantly, it reduces muscle fatigue!

Side effects were not present when we experimented with it, but some Anvarol reviews reported feeling sick! So, if you want to cut and define your muscle mass, then Anvarol does work and works well!

Does Anvarol provide guaranteed results?

Yes, Anvarol does provide energy for all users, plus improved stamina. But, not all supplements work for everyone. You will have to try it and see if the product agrees with your needs and body. Crazy Bulk does offer a money-back guarantee so you can return the product if it does turn out to not agree with your body!

Can I use Anvarol to lose weight?

Yes, you can use this to lose weight, but you must reduce calorie intake and exercise. Lift light weights or enjoy some intense cardiovascular workouts. This way, your muscle mass will not rise, good luck. Please get back to us on your journey using Anvarol.

Is Anvarol the best Crazy Bulk cutter?

Anvarol will not let you down when it comes to results, if you want a potent and more effective cutting cycle we would suggest you use the Crazy Bulk cutting stack that consists of 4 individual agents which all target the same thing.

By Lee Stevenson


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