Can CBD Oils & Balms Improve Bodybuilding & Fitness?

CBD (cannabidiol) oils and balms claim to improve a users bodybuilding and fitness goals! Discover the truth behind the CBD craze and what CBD oils bodybuilding and fitness have in common!

CBD (cannabidiol) has become a household name, especially in the fitness and bodybuilding world! Since the discovery and readily available CBD products, CBD has become the latest must-have when your lifting weights and keeping fit! But, is there any research or medical proof that can back up claims made by so many brands hitting the market?


This article will reveal to our readers the real facts behind the bodybuilding CBD craze! What should CBD be used for and what claims are just total B.S to get you to buy their product?

CBD Warning! As history repeats itself over and over again: Users should be warned of overpriced CBD bodybuilding B.S products that are claiming to cause unrealistic claims. CBD does not! Make your muscles grow faster and will NOT give you superhuman strength. Please use common sense when purchasing new products on the internet!

Analyzing the CBD/Bodybuilding Research


Research for CBD (cannabidiol) is in the early stages. But, just because research in a bit thin on the ground does not mean there are no proven benefits! Research suggests that CBD oils/balms and bodybuilding have one thing in common and that’s muscle pain (source)!

Because cannabidiol’s are a great anti-inflammatory, bodybuilders can benefit from CBD’S during and after a workout. Research also suggests that a bodybuilder or fitness professional can also benefit from a slight pain relief while exercising: Source.

Are CBD Oils And Supplements Legal?

Yes, CBD oils are legal and made from Hemp plants. The produce is soaked and dried using ethanol. What’s left is the purified oils used for balms, oils and supplementation use! Because CBD oils contain 0.001% of THC, you will not be getting high or breaking the law and testing positive for cannabis use!

Is CBD Good For Bodybuilding?

Yes, CBD is excellent for all sports. If your a runner, lifter or a cycling enthusiast you will benefit from a lotion/oil that contains CBD. Research suggests that daily use will relieve muscle soreness through a process called “analgesic” which is a form of pain killer that affects the peripheral/central nervous system!

If you have just had a big session in the gym lifting heavy weights, then you could benefit from its anti-inflammatory effects. If your bulking or cutting, CBD can have a positive impact after an intense workout!

Maybe your feeling sore or suffering from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Using a CBD balm or oil can help relieve these known bodybuilding symptoms!

Does CBD Cause Muscle Growth?


NO, you will not receive any benefits from using CBD to build muscle mass! There is zero research or human trials that can back up these claims that are being pushed by so many supplement companies!

If you are presented with claims/benefits of better growth, energy, and stamina when buying a CBD product, then you should avoid the brand altogether!

Does CBD (Cannabidiol) Improve Stamina/Energy/Focus?


Research suggests that there is no relation between stamina, energy and focus when taking CBD oils or supplements. It is wrong for a supplement company to promote these effects because they do not exist! Stay clear of any producer making these claims because their oils will not be 100% pure and may contain other stimulants and plant extracts!

The CBD Fake Claims

Like all fitness and bodybuilding supplements, oils and balms sold on the web, you have to take some with a pinch of salt. Especially new crazes such as CBD’S! Here is a list of some of the fake and inconclusive claims to date:

  1. Catabolic hormones: CBD oils have not been proven to reduce catabolic hormone levels for more muscle growth
  2. Muscle Growth: CBD’S are not going to help you build muscle mass by breaking down proteins or improving a users metabolism
  3. Energy & Stamina: You are not going to get a burst of energy and longer stamina from taking CBD’S

Can CBD Cause Side Effects?


No, we have never experienced any form of side effects from using CBD oils or lotions! Research has also proven that side effects are meager. From the studies/reviews, we have read, side effects may occur if you are using a brand/formula with other ingredients added.

Some companies are mixing caffeine and other stimulants into their formulas to give the user a burst of energy! If you are going to purchase a CBD product, then we suggest you keep it clean and ONLY settle for 100% CBD oil or balm!

But like all health/products you may experience some minor issues such as stomach aches, headaches, loose stool, etc.!

CBD Production Issues!


We have all heard of CBD (cannabidiol) unless you live under a rock! The CBD craze will only increase because there are so many benefits, but with this craze will come unregulated manufacturers making unpurified products that are not regulated (source). Our advice on choosing the perfect CBD’S is to read the label and check the distributor!

Using CBD Balms & Not Oils!

We have used the CBD droplets after a workout and found them to offer some form of mild pain relief and muscle relaxant! Here at Body Bros, we ONLY use the rub/balm because it tends to work much better! If you’re working out, be it a bulking or cutting cycle, we apply the lotion before and after a workout!

Oils, rubs or balm’s give your body plenty of time to absorb the oils before your muscles start to burn and ache! CBD balm/oil is a great product! Especially if you’re lifting heavy and know you’re going to hurt after a session! You will experience less burn and better recovery after a workout!

Editors Notes!

Choosing a CBD product first time around can be a daunting task! But, remember that NOT all oils are the same some CBD suppliers add other ingredients because the company will want to claim benefits and bulk the volume out. 

Our advice to you on buying CBD’S is to purchase from a known distributor! Because so many products on the internet use inferior ingredients and not much in the way of regulation. Most oils are shipped in bulk and then repackaged as the next best miracle product!

Do You Want To Make A Contribution?

Here at INCREASEE, we love hearing from our readers. If you have a recommendation or some advice not mentioned in this CBD article, then use our comments section below and let us know your thoughts! Have you used a CBD brand that’s better than the rest then share your discovery with others in the same way!

By Lee Stevenson


Get the facts and the controversial news from the fitness and bodybuilding world through me, Lee Stevenson! I investigate, research and expose many bodybuilding, fitness, and sports-related supplements for what some of them are; Total Junk!

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