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Crazy Bulk Review – Get The Facts!

Yes, Crazy Bulk is a popular choice among bodybuilders. But does it work? This Crazy Bulk review explores ingredients, stacks and feedback!

The Crazy Bulk Supplement Brand
The No1 Crazy Bulk Review!

Crazy Bulk’s one of the most potent and effective series of alternative steroid stacks in recent years! By using several naturally selected ingredients, Crazy Bulk have formulated their unique mixes claimed to enhance a bodybuilders work & growth rates!

The Review Process!

Our Crazy Bulk review will be shedding some light on these claims and revealing to our readers what “REAL” users of these products have experienced!

  • Ingredients & Formula
  • User reviews & feedback of Crazy Bulk
  • The different stacks and products
  • Where to buy Crazy Bulk?

Over the years, many companies have set out to make a supplement that can mirror the effects of anabolic steroids! And these companies have failed dramatically!

Does Crazy Bulk Sell Anabolic Steroids?

No, Crazy Bulk does “NOT” sell anabolic steroids because they are banned and dangerous!

Crazy Bulk Reviews, Ratings & Buyers Guide!

  • Effects – Cutting, Bulking and Strength cycles
  • Sales History – 5+ years
  • Ingredient Types – Naturally extracted
  • Side Effects – Mild stomach Pains/loose stools/headaches
  • Customer Opinion – 72% positive
  • Money-Back Guarantee – 30 days
  • Price Range – $32.00 + 2 for one special offer
  • Available For Delivery – International delivery
  • According to the official website: “Users can expect to see better and quicker results compared to any other performance supplement on the market!

What Does Crazy Bulk Offer?

What Crazy Bulk Offers
What Crazy Bulk Offers

Crazy Bulk is a UK based company. It’s been selling their series of bodybuilding supplements/products all over the world. They have been doing this for over five years and have built up a following and an OK reputation in this market. But, do not be fooled; many negative reviews are portraying them as inferior, useless and an outright scam!

Yes, a bottle costs over £30 for a month’s supply! But, their ingredients are premium, and the mixes used in the majority of their products can prove their effectiveness through scientific research and many independent medical journals!

What Can Crazy Bulk Products Offers?

With a wide range of products for all aspects of a bodybuilding journey, Crazy Bulk has covered all the bases! They have bulking, cutting, strength and PCT cycle therapy products on offer.

Each Crazy Bulk supplement works together as a stack or individually, which depends on the user’s experiences and preferred cycle outcome.

Crazy Bulk opinion and ratings
Crazy Bulk opinion and ratings

The Crazy Bulk List Is As Follows!

The Crazy Bulk Range as of 2019

  • D BAL
  • NO2 MAX
  • HGH X2
  • PROBIOTIC Formula

As you can see, the names are very conveniently steroid sounding to give them the false impression of steroid effects. But, as mentioned earlier in this Crazy Bulk review, this is just a marketing tactic!

Because steroids sell, we all know they work but are associated with dangerous health risks!


Crazy Bulk Ingredient Labels
Crazy Bulk Ingredient Labels

Like all supplement companies, they seem to exaggerate their recipes and claim them to be exceptional. But if you do a simple search on examine, Draxe, WebMD, FDA or any other medical journal.

You will find out if a specific ingredient has any scientific backing, clinical research or trials to back up these claims. You will also discover any adverse reactions, minor side effects or health warnings.

Crazy Bulk has used over forty different ingredients to create their products. These ingredients are natural, backed by many scientific journals and various clinical trials. The most common substances/ingredients are:

  • Wild yam root
  • Citrus aurantium
  • L-arginine, L-carnitine and other BCAA’S
  • Panax ginseng
  • Shilajit
  • Guarana
  • Niacin
  • Choline
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • DMAE
  • Soy & Whey Proteins
  • Safflower Oil
  • Massive variety of vitamins, D, B, C

This selection is just a small variety of the ingredients found in their formulas. Most are well-known, while some seem very exotic. But the evidence is clear they work and work well!

The Crazy Bulk Effects!

The effects from Crazy Bulk will vary from user to user! We have received many Crazy Bulk reviews and experienced many of their formulas first-hand. Some were better than others, but the majority were excellent and did provide a quick fix compared to other significant suppliers of bodybuilding supplements!

Remember, these effects are not a sure thing, because we all react differently to ingredients:

  1. Reduced recovery times between workouts
  2. More significant muscle growth and bulk
  3. Cutting and better muscle definition
  4. Better hormone levels (multivitamin effect)

Fake Reviewers!

If you have been researching the Crazy Bulk brand and trying to sift through the hundreds of fake reviews on the web, you will know that many reviewers have never used or even seen a single Crazy Bulk product!

The markets saturated with Crazy Bulk reviews claiming hulk-like effects and a natural anabolic effect when using stacks and their famous Testo-Max formula.

The Best Of Crazy Bulk:

Mentioned earlier in this review, you have 14 supplements to choose from and rising! Crazy Bulk initially started with about six but have added to this list over the years.

I will be listing the products I know and still use to this day! Yes, I have my favourite and will be explaining why I have personally used these products again because they pack the most punch when it comes to building muscle!

“Crazy Bulk is not offering anything shady, scammy or fake! They have made a series of products using natural ingredients with the potential to help you build/define muscle mass and improve performance.”

The Cutting Stack By Crazy Bulk

The Cutting Stack By Crazy Bulk
The Cutting Stack By Crazy Bulk

The cutting stack by Crazy Bulk consists of four individual agents that target a users definition & fat-burning cycles! This stack is well known to help speed energy, stamina and the rate of fat loss. If you have bulked and think you’re looking a bit chunky, then it might be time to start burning some fat stores!

The Bulking Stack By Crazy Bulk

The bulking stack offers beginners looking to mate better gains in the initial first few months of bulking a much higher success rate. If your a beginner then this is the mix of agents that will best suit your needs as a beginner or intermediate. You will experience better strength, stamina and overall muscle production!

The Ultimate Stack By Crazy Bulk

This the crazy bulk ultimate stack
This the crazy bulk ultimate stack

This Crazy Bulk stack is best suited for more advanced bodybuilders! If you seem to have hit a wall when it comes to gains and muscle production! Then the Crazy Bulk ultimate stack is the stack for you because it consists of six of the best supplements that encourage muscle production!

Rated well and proven time and time again to be a capable bulking bundle, it receives excellent reviews and many before and after users happy to share their results!

Side Effects & Health Concerns!

Side effects and health concerns are a real possibility when using these products; many Crazy Bulk reviews do reveal they experienced some health-related effect when taking these supplements! Yes, some are potent and have a wide variety of issues.

If you’re in good health and do not suffer from any health-related condition, then you should be ok. But, if your diabetic or suffer from high blood pressure or a heart-related disease, then be sure to check with a doctor before you make a purchase!

From the wide-ranging side effects reported in many Crazy Bulk reviews you can expect to experience:

  1. Increase in heart rhythm
  2. Higher blood pressure
  3. Headaches/migraines
  4. Sickness, dizziness & stomach aches

“Crazy Bulk User Reviews”

Here are some snippets and examples of Crazy Bulk reviews we believe, to be honest, reliable and revealing. Remember, the majority of studies on the web are fake and just over compliment the brand to get sales through an affiliate program:

“Crazy Bulk was great for my bulking cycle but lacked any real potency when it comes to cutting. I had a constant feeling of sickness. I would not advise anyone takes these pills on an empty stomach because they tend to make you throw up because of their potency!”

Martin, US.

Total wack, I have been using Crazy Bulk for a few months now and did not notice an improvement in muscle mass, strength of energy levels. You might just as well take a pre-workout and put extra time in down the gym!

Tony, UK.

Our Final Crazy Bulk Conclusion!

Crazy Bulk is a favourite brand; there is no denying this! But, are these products worth the time and effort? Yes. We believe them to be the right solution for bodybuilding, but do not expect any miracles or anabolic effects.

You will still need to put in the time and sweat in down the gym for any credible results. If you’re a beginner to all this muscle-building stuff, then you should start with DBAL and see how your body responds.

If your a more experienced bodybuilder then you should use the ultimate or bulking cycle for a more potent effect! For cutting and definition cycles, then we recommend you use the cutting stack.

It consists of 5 individual products that are all designed to boost energy, reduce fat levels and build substantial muscle mass!

Crazy Bulk FAQ’S “2020”

Here are a few FAQ’S we received in recent months. Remember! If you have a question not already featured in this review, then feel free to use our contact form available to all readers of Body Bros!

Comparing Crazy Bulk To Other Brands

Crazy Bulk Reviews comes out on top (75% positive) compared to other brands of legal steroids. They sell premium formulas & receive better user feedback, lower prices with better results compared to other muscle building brands.

Where To Buy Crazy Bulk?

You can order Crazy Bulk from anywhere in the world. Free shipping is available to the UK and the USA. Some European countries also receive free shipping—countries such as South Africa, Egypt, Australia ETC. You will have to pay a small shipping fee! But their shipping costs can change depending on the amount of product you are ordering. The best thing to do is to ask the Crazy Bulk help desk for a more definitive answer!

Does Crazy Bulk Work?

Results are the main question we receive every week! From the many Crazy Bulk reviews we have examined and from our own use. You will see results within the first month!

By Lee Stevenson


Get the facts and the controversial news from the fitness and bodybuilding world through me, Lee Stevenson! I investigate, research and expose many bodybuilding, fitness, and sports-related supplements for what some of them are; Total Junk!

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