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FIRE BULLETS StripFast 5000 Review – Get The Facts!

FIRE BULLETS by StripFast 5000 is a popular brand! But, does it work? This review of Fire Bullets exposes & reveals the truth behind this brand!

With the name “FIRE BULLETS” you would expect a fat burner that shreds the competition! Although Strip Fast 5000 seems to have created a product that does not really live up to its name! Here at Body Bros, we love a fat burner that sheds muscle especially if your losing weight or starting a super cutting cycle!

Fire Bullets by Strip Fast 5000 is a popular brand, especially on the Amazon marketplace! But, can it live up to our rigorous review process? In this FIRE BULLETS StripFast 5000 Review, we have taken old red out and decided to analyze this fat burner and reveal it for what it is!

Our extensive review process will analyze the formula and bring to our readers a conclusion on whether this product gets a tick or a cross! We have used many fat burners and know it takes a more than a high dosage of caffeine to make your body shed weight!

Who Are StripFast 5000 FIRE BULLETS?

Based mainly on Amazon the Strip Fast 5000 have been selling their flagship formula to many users in the UK who either want to shed some fat or just tone up. It claims to reduce man boobs, belly fat and other areas where you receive stubborn flabby parts.

It depends on a high volume of stimulants, so if you happen to be intolerant to caffeine then you should avoid this product. But, on a more positive note its suitable for both vegans and vegetarians because there is no gelatine shell!

With over two years of confirmed sales and a very high volume of sales verified through the Amazon market place, this fat burner receives some great feedback! Many users have commended it and claimed it to have helped them achieve success!

Carefully Formulated?

From the looks of the ingredients they have done a good job, Strip Fast 5000 have done their research when creating Fire Bullets. They have been careful not to add to many volumes to cause any serious health concerns!

Overall Fire Bullets looks like a decent product from the first glance. Continue reading and we will reveal our research and explain how exactly these ingredients might make a difference to a user’s fat loss and definition!

Fire Bullets Discount Offer
Fire Bullets Discount Offer

How Does It Work?

By using a trademark combination of ingredients called “K-Cytro” that consists of (Citrus Aurantium & Raspberry Ketones). The Fire Bullet formula improves energy, speeds metabolism to help your body consume more fat stores because you’ll be more active and your bodies core temperature will be elevated.

This process of fat burning is the correct way any fat burner should work! But, getting this process right can be a hit or miss depending on the ingredients.

Cayenne pepper is included in the formula at around 100mg, this ingredient is the most important for weight loss. This is because it has been confirmed and researched to offer the user better core temperature and improved metabolism!

Interesting Research On Caffeine!

All other ingredients included in this formula are caffeine based and will give you a huge hit of energy & focus. Although caffeine can also make you crash just as quick as it picks you up.

Caffeine itself does come with positive research and is confirmed to aid a users fat loss ability! Although side effects can be persistent if consumed in high amounts. Which will be explained in more detail further down this FIRE BULLETS StripFast 5000 Review!

FIRE BULLETS StripFast 5000 Ratings, History, And Price Range!

  • Effects – Fat Burning
  • Sales History – 2+ years
  • Ingredient Types – Natural
  • Side Effects – Stomach aches, headaches & sickness
  • Customer Opinion – 76% positive
  • Money Back Guarantee – 30 days
  • Price Range – £29..00 – 32.99
  • Available For Delivery – UK
Fire Bullets Discount Offer
Fire Bullets Discount Offer

The Ingredients

Fire Bullets Ingredients
Fire Bullets Ingredients

As you can see from the seven listed ingredients that most are caffeine related. Raspberry Ketone is another popular ingredient made famous a few years ago, but turned out to be not as good as first thought! Research into this ingredient was increased and shown the previous claims of metabolism boosting and appetite suppression were very thin!

The good news is that none of these ingredients will negatively impact your health and are all beneficial to fat burning in their own right! Should you decide that the Fire Bullets is a product you want to try then be ready for a massive hit of caffeine that will make a can of Red Bull taste like a glass of water!

  1. Cayenne Powder
  2. Caffeine Anhydrous
  3. L-Phenylalanine
  4. Green Coffee
  5. Citrus Aurantium
  6. Raspberry Ketones
  7. Green Tea

Health Risks?

The health risks associated with the FIRE BULLETS fat burner by StripFast 5000 are stimulant related. Caffeine has been mixed in extremely high volumes because this is how they have been so popular. You will receive an instant “HIT” that will most definitely get you motivated. But, it will also make you crash soon after!

Side effects associated with higher volumes of caffeine are:

  1. Headaches
  2. Stomach upsets
  3. Loose stools
  4. Sickness
  5. Then the caffeine crash!

Advantages Of Using Fire Bullets

This product will get you motivated if you’re struggling for energy or feeling lethargic then Fire Bullets will work wonders for you. This will be great as a pre-workout, motivator of sorts! The advantages are:

  1. A great burst of energy
  2. Quick working pre-workout
  3. Fat burner of sorts

User Testimonials

“I experienced a burst of energy within hours of using Fire Bullets, glad to have found a product that works straight away! I will be using again and again, Gaz”

“I’ve lost weight! I give FIRE BULLETS a 10/10 because it offers the whole package. Its been three months now of non-stop us and 2 stone lighter. I experienced a few side effects associated with dizziness and sickness which become more manageable as time went on! Suzanne, Liverpool.”


FIRE BULLETS by StripFast 5000 is a very popular brand, this is because it’s packed with caffeine and the results are noticeable within an hour of consumption. We tried the product as a pre-workout and was pleasantly surprised at just how potent this fat burner was, although it does not work like your average fat burner. But, it does make a huge difference to your workout rate!

If you’re looking for a fat burner to melt away fat then you should look elsewhere because we cannot see much in the way of burning fat! But, saying that if you’re OK with taking a considerable amount of caffeine then you will lose weight and define muscle mass because you will experience a huge burst of energy for a few hours after taking it!

Want To Make Review Contribution?

This Fire Bullets review offers our readers an independent look into this brand and allows users to leave their own testimonials. If you want a say hi and have used the Fire Bullets by StripFast 5000 then submit a review and we will be happy to share with our many readers!

Maybe this post will make you want to try this product if so, come back to us and let other readers know your thoughts. Happy burning/definition and so on 😉

By Lee Stevenson


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