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Grenade Reviews | Thermo Detonator, Black Ops, Hydra 6 & .50 Caliber Evaluations!

Grenade reviews featuring Thermo Detonator, Black Ops, Hydra 6 & 50 Caliber. These reviews feature ingredients, health issues and user testimonials!


Grenade is one of the most well-known mainstream bodybuilding supplements currently sold on the web! They have become a household name boasting many thousands of users.

In this Grenade series review, we will reveal our thoughts and experiences from using these products over many years. But, will also incorporate user feedback and testimonails!

Which Grenade products are best and do they work? When used over longer periods! Here at Body Bros we have been using their burners, t-boosters and cutting supplements consistently!

When it comes to the Grenade products you “MUST” select the correct product for your bodybuilding or fitness stage. If you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced lifter you will want to select the right product.

If your bulking, strength building or cutting then selecting a product that ebcourages this cycle is key!

Our Featured Grenade Reviews

  1. Grenade Thermo Detonator Review
  2. The Grenade .50 Caliber Review
  3. Grenade Hydra 6 Review
  4. Our Grenade Defend BCAA Review
  5. Grenade Black Ops Review

We have had many users ask us why they are not making gains or cutting like advertised? 9 out of 10 times they are using the wrong product for their desired results!

So, getting this right from the get-go is key for a successful experience when it comes to making the most of Grenade!

Who Are Grenade?

Grenade offers anyone looking to build, define or strengthen their muscle mass. If you’re into fitness or just want to get into shape then the Grenade brand has made it their responsibility to help users all over the world achieve their goals.

Ever since 2012/13, they have been supplying both male and female users a wide variety of natural and safe supplements. They are a well-established company that prides itself on using natural ingredients without any major health implications!

The Range Of Grenade Supplements

If you compare the Grenade supplements currently being sold, you will find they offer a wide variety of products. All products are different and target a specific type of fitness, muscle growth & weight management!

With over 5 individual supplements, Grenade has the widest variety for all levels and goals in mind!

  1. Thermo Detonator (weight management)
  2. .50 Caliber (Pre-workout)
  3. Hydra 6 (bulking agent)
  4. Defend BCAA (muscle growth)
  5. Black Ops (Cutting/definition)

Grenade Thermo Detonator Review


Thermo Detonator is the most popular brand because it’s for all types of users. If your looking to shed a little weight or define muscles after a bulking cycle, then the Thermo Detonator is the most widely used Grenade supplement!

The formula is backed by science and comes highly recommended by us here at The Centre Fold Project!

  • Outcome: Cutting/weight management
  • Effective: 4/5
  • Thermo Detonator Review Rating: 4/5
  • Price: £26/30

The Grenade .50 Caliber Review

GRENADE .50 Caliber
GRENADE .50 Caliber

The .50 Caliber supplement is a pre-workout that injects your body full of caffeine. It works ok, but if you’re a little sensitive to caffeine then we advise you to give .50 Caliber a miss because it does pack a punch.

If you’re happy with overloading with caffeine then enjoy a huge boost of energy that will get you moving, lifting or running in no time!

  • Outcome: Pre-workout
  • Effective: 4/5
  • .50 Caliber Review Rating: 3/5
  • Price: £35/40

Grenade Hydra 6 Protein Review


Hydra 6 provides your muscle mass with a high dosage of proteins making it the best bulking agent in the Grenade series.

We love this product and highly recommend it for beginners and experienced bodybuilders. If you’re going to buy a tried and tested bulker then Hydra 6 is a must for serious bulkers!

  • Outcome: Bulking/Muscle Growth
  • Effective: 4/5
  • The Hydra 6 Protein review rating: 4/5
  • Price: £60/70

Grenade Defend BCAA Review


Defend BCAA is a newer mix from Grenade. It is packed with BCAA’S “Branched Chain Amino Acids”. BCAA’S are extremely important for sustained muscle growth.

Another important scientific fact is they also prevent muscle deterioration. Muscle fibers retract so having a higher level of BCAA’S is a must for any serious lifter.

  • Outcome: Continued Muscle Growth
  • Effective: 5/5
  • The Defend BCAA review rating: 5/5
  • Price: £63/70

Grenade Black Ops Review


Black Ops is a cutting supplement that is packed with many ingredients targeting energy, focus, and stamina. If your looking to burn fat improve energy then the Black Ops from Grenade is one of the most powerful editions on the market. Again this product is packed with stimulants so avoid if sensitive to caffeine.

  • Outcome: Fat Burn/Cutting
  • Effective: 3/5
  • The Black Ops Review Rating: 4/5
  • Price: £22/32

Health Concerns

These health issues are not life-threatening or considered to be severe! But potential user should be made aware of. Here are some of the more common issues we have been experiencing:

  1. Headaches/dizziness/sickness
  2. Stomach aches/cramps/digestive issues

The Common Grenade Ingredients

We love to investigate and research ingredients not just for our website, but for our own personal gain.

We know knowledge is power and knowing a good ingredient list is key to getting the most from a supplement!

Here are the ingredients they have used throughout their full library of products:

  • Green Tea
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Citrus aurantium
  • Choline
  • Grapefruit
  • Yerba Mate
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • DMAE
  • BCAA’S
  • Concentrated
  • Soy & Whey Proteins
  • L-arginine/carnitine
  • Panax ginseng
  • Shilajit
  • Guarana
  • Niacin
  • Safflower Oil
  • Multiple vitamins & minerals

External Scientific References:

Grenade Research!

Our research shows that Grenade has done their homework! Nearly all ingredients in the Grenade brand offers the user positives. Such as stamina, muscle growth, muscle tissue, and energy. Some ingredients offer more benefits while some are inconclusive.

Although there is a small number of ingredients that are inconclusive such as various vitamins & minerals the majority of ingredients are effective natural steroid alternatives!

The Grenade “REVIEWS”

Here are some selected Grenade reviews we have either received or found from other independent sources. All Grenade product reviews are selected at random to give you a feeling from a user’s perspective.

“Not bad, Not bad at all! Grenade Hydra 6 has been my go-to bodybuilding supplement supplier for a few years now! I have tried my fair share of bulking agents over the years.

My preference is Hydra 6. Since 2015 I have been using every other month, my advice would be to use for a month and leave for a month because it can give you stomach cramps for longer periods of time. Hydra 6 Review submitted on 07/07/2019 by Carl.”

“Way too much hype from the makers of Grenade! I found it to be a good edition and experienced good gains. They seem to be well over-hyping a product they should not have to! I found they worked OK but nothing amazing! Logan submitted this Grenade review from NYC.”

So, How Does GRENADE Work?

As explained earlier in this Grenade review their formulas consist of a wide range of ingredients. Most, are backed by science and research, but some ingredients are not solid.

The clinical research and external links above reveal that the majority of ingredient work by boosting proteins, BCAA, hormones and other unique age-old Chinese medicine techniques.

We all know to have proteins “AFTER” a workout is a key to encouraging growth because your muscle fibers need this to repair and grow. BCAA are the building blocks of proteins and are in no doubt very beneficial for bodybuilding and other sports.

But, what is more, impressive is the way certain ingredients enhance the user’s hormone levels. Hormones are also a key aspect of muscle growth, stamina, and weight loss!

The Grenade series depends on many interesting/unique ingredients that pack a punch, during and after a workout. By improving a user’s stamina, strength, focus, and growth Grenade gives an all-round positive experience.

Our Conclusion

With many reorders and first-time users praising their products especially Thermo Detonator, .50 Caliber & Defend BCAA because these products seem to work for both beginners and advanced lifters!

Our advice on this brand only starts with a single supplement because stacks are much more expensive and they seem to cause the most negative health impacts.

All supplements come with side effects, but using a mixture might not agree with your body so to be safe you should try one formula and work up to a mixture after a few months!

Have you used any Grenade Products? Then, we want your Grenade reviews to help our readers to understand which product works the best! Or have you used any Grenade supplements and had a bad experience, then we also want to receive any reviews or experiences!

By Lee Stevenson


Get the facts and the controversial news from the fitness and bodybuilding world through me, Lee Stevenson! I investigate, research and expose many bodybuilding, fitness, and sports-related supplements for what some of them are; Total Junk!

I have many years of experience with supplementation, nutrition & bodybuilding, so you know you're in good hands when using the Body Bros website for advice, guides, and feedback! Need some personal information on anything bodybuilding or sports-related?

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