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Read Our Phen375 Reviews & Discover User Testimonials!

Does Phen375 work? Our Phen375 review explores ingredients, side effects and real user testimonials. See results and leave your own ratings!

Discover the most reliable and up to date Phen375 review, since ever! We have analyzed many testimonials and experimented with this fat burning and appetite suppressant supplement for many years.

We, reveal how it works? But, more importantly, is it a safe option for continued weight loss and definition?

History Of Phen375

Ever since Phen375 was introduced and marketed as an alternative to Phentermine back in 2013, users have bought this supplement in shocking numbers! Year after year sales have increased and so has the formula, making changes if and when new research becomes available to them!

Phen375 is sold and distributed out of Texas, US & Scotland, UK, where it was initially researched and to this day packaged and shipped all over the world.

It is claiming to be a capable weight loss aid that can produce positive results! Because Phen375 receives a lot of attention on the web, it is one of the more popular brands claiming to achieve results similar to Phentermine.

Our review of this product will make good or bad on these claims and reveal to you if we know Phen375 to be the ultimate in natural diet pills!

How Does Phen375 Work?

By using a variety of natural ingredients, Phen375 have created a unique formula that has not been repeated by any other company.

They boast of three main ways their pill can help you achieve rapid weight loss!

  • You are suppressing a users appetite. Yes, you feel less hungry! Which means you consume fewer calories throughout the day!
  • You are burning fat stores. Phen375 improves your metabolism by increasing energy and heating your body core.
  • You are boosting energy. Improving energy is extremely helpful because your body will need that extra hit throughout the day!

Phen375 Review Breakdown

  • Targets – Appetite-suppressant & fat burner
  • Ingredients – 100% Natural
  • Side Effects – Minor digestive Issues
  • User Opinion – Good
  • Money-Back Guarantee? – Yes
  • Pricing – $44.99 – 48.99
  • Delivery Type – International

What Are The Side Effects?

Having listened and read many user reviews over many years, we have concluded that the risks are relatively low! But, there are some side effects revealed by our readers!

  1. Headaches
  2. Insomnia
  3. Digestive issues

Not all users report these side effects, while some seem to struggle with the side effects caused by Phen375!

Some users have claimed to experience a constant headache and had to stop altogether! On average 30-40% of users experience issues when taking Phen375 for the first week, while another 10% have had to stop altogether!

Phen375 Ingredients

  • Trimethylxanthine – Causes a loss in appetite by sending signals to the hunger part of your brain. If you are intolerant to caffeine/stimulants then avoid Phen375!
  • L-Carnitine – Encourages your bloodstream to absorb higher levels of fat stores.
  • Capsaicin – Improves blood flow and encourages body temp to increase which then burns more calories cooling it down.
  • Citrus Aurantium – Burns fat and speeds metabolism by increasing a users energy rate.
  • Dendrobium Nobile Extract – Helps with better digestion, so users do not experience constipation.
Does Capsaicin Work?

BUT! Does It Work?


Here are some Phen375 reviews submitted to us that explains how users feel about this controversial supplement:

“My experience with Phen375 started many years ago and started when I was over 19 stone. Which I was lucky enough to discover because it is now my best friend. I have lost nine stone over six years all because of Phen375.

I use to use it for three months at a time, but, changed to one month because of the digestive issues I tend to experience. It is a fantastic product I highly recommend to my friends although they do NOT receive digestive pains so it might be the caffeine that I am intolerant too! Andrea, US.”

“Great product and helped me lose weight, but it was also great for my motivation. I found it improved energy I could not achieve using other diet pills. All in all a great product that I will be taking again. Top marks Phen375 ;). Sam, UK.”

Phen375 Review Conclusion

Yes, Phen375 does work! But, we all knew this because of the sheer amount of users reordering this supplement. With the added benefits of energy, fat burning, and its ability to suppress the appetite we believe Phen375 to be one of the best all-around supplements for weight loss.

Compared to other leading brands Phen375 is one of the best natural alternatives to Phentermine. Yes, there are many of these so-called phentermine alternates, but only a few have stood the test of time and succeed where so many others have failed!

We advise you to ONLY take Phen375 for around eight weeks (2 months) at a time because of the ingredients used in the formula. Just because the ingredients are natural does not make them any less potent and should only be digested for a limited time because of the negative issues it may cause!

Where can I buy Phen375?

We receive this question over and over again! The only place to buy REAL Phen375 is visiting their official website. Do not buy from third parties, Amazon or eBay. They are scams and do not come with all the added benefits of the Phen375 formula!

Does Phen375 Work?

Yes, Phen375 does work! Please read the review above for a more detailed explanation of our findings. Our only recommendation to limit it to 2 months at a time because of the unknown side effects associated with long-term use!

Are There Any Phen375 Discounts?

If you want a discount or special offer, then Phen375 has run their offer since they began selling their formula back in 2013. For the majority of the time, they offer a 3 for 2.

Buy three bottles for the price of two. We also do not send you the product because we ONLY give our opinion!

Does Phen375 Offer Money-Back Gaurantees?

Phen375 offers a full 60-day money-back guarantee, which is brilliant for an online supplement. They deliver around the world; this takes approx five days (working not holidays).

You order through a secure connection, and your order is recorded and tracked. We have only known pHen375 to be short on orders a few times; this was because of a limit of ingredients, we believe!

We Need Your Help!

Yes, we want your opinion when you have taken this supplement for a week or more! Our Phen375 review process depends on users like you to give honest and reliable information. We may also ask for proof of purchase before publishing your opinion on BodyBros. Then leave a report in this section, and we would be happy to post it!

By Lee Stevenson


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