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The T6 Xplosion by Simply Simple is touted to being one of the best fat burners currently sold on the internet. Sold through online marketplaces such as Amazon & eBay over the past few years, its performed well in sales and attracts many repeat users! But, does this fat burner really melt the competition?

Our review of T6 Xplosion will explain, reveal and expose all you need to know about this popular brand! This Simply Simple T6 Xplosion review will be noting side effects, effectiveness and ingredients then comparing them to scientific research and testimonials.

Here at INCREASEE, we exist to explore and research supplements! Our knowledge is extensive and we do not hold back when exposing any type of supplement! With fat burners such as T6 Xplosion, they tend to look great from the outside but when you dig deeper than the marketing speak you tend to discover their flaws and health risks!

The T6 Xplosion By Simply Simple!

If you want to shed some fat or start a definition/cutting phase then Simply Simple T6 Xplosion could be an option. They claim their product is natural, health risk-free and extremely effective!

With over 5 years of sales, this product is one of the more longer-lasting brands. With the average fat burner being discontinued after a year due to a lack of sales, Simply Simple T6 Xplosion does seem to offer the user some benefits based on sales history and reorders!

The Effects

The Simply Simple T6 Xplosion supplement is not just a fat burner! But, also works as a pre-workout that will give you the energy needed for many tasks! If your a bodybuilder or just like to keep fit, then Simply Simple T6 Xplosion might just be what you’re looking for!

  • Speed up metabolism
  • Encourages weight loss
  • Improves energy & focus!

Although there is one red flag when looking over the formula. Yes, we are talking about caffeine! There is a very high amount of caffeine that “WILL” boost focus, energy and stamina levels! But, because of this, you will crash soon after a few hours after taking it!

Xplosion T6 Website
Xplosion T6 Website

Ingredients ( T6 Xplosion By Simply Simple)

Simply Simple T6 Xplosion has a unique mix of ingredients called “K-Cytro” which consists of green tea, raspberry ketones, and cayenne pepper. These ingredients are what makes Fire Bullets as effective as claimed.

Although scientific evidence is thin surrounding this mixture, with some medical journals reporting inconclusive results with more trials being needed for better results!

  • Cayenne Powder
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • L-Phenylalanine
  • Green Coffee extract
  • K-Cytro
  • Raspberry Ketone
  • Green Tea

On a more positive note, the formula does list volumes with no filler ingredients. Yes, there is a high amount of stimulants so be sure to “ONLY” take the required dosage! If you happen to be sensitive to caffeine then our advice would be to avoid this product because it’s packed with the stuff!

How Does Simply Simple T6 Xplosion Work?

Their formula works to improve the user’s metabolism by using Raspberry ketones and Cayenne Pepper you will experience a better rate of fat loss! Because Cayenne pepper heats your core temperature your body has to use more calories to reduce this effect. Raspberry Ketones does little to cause a fat-burning effect, but may help with a reduced appetite!

All other ingredients are high in caffeine and cause higher energy, focus, and stamina! All is not lost because caffeine does have the science to back up Simply Simple T6 Xplosion claims. Medical evidence proves that having more caffeine in your body makes you more energetic.

This extra energy can help you work out for longer periods or improve movement throughout the day. The more you move the better your fat burn throughout the day!

Formula Breakdown

Simply Simple T6 Xplosion is a unique selection of ingredients that have high caffeine content. With the majority of fat burners currently sold being high in stimulants is no surprise because caffeine can be backed by science. But, stimulants will only last so long before you crash.

With the added raspberry ketones and cayenne pepper, the Simply Simple T6 Xplosion seems to be effective to around 60% of users. Although this might not seem high the average fat burner will “ONLY” work for around 20% of users!

Health Issues

All fat burners come with health warnings! With the high caffeine content and other potent ingredients, fat burners come hand in hand with health risks. Throughout the many Simply Simple T6 Xplosion reviews, we have read there are a few more severe issues that are common among reviewers. These risks are mainly stimulant related:

  1. Headaches
  2. Stomach aches
  3. Higher heart rate
  4. Digestive pain

If you are sensitive to stimulants then avoid this product, if you happen to be taking medication or suffer from any health-related conditions then check with a professional before use!

The Ratings, Reviews & Simply Simple T6 Xplosion History:

  • Outcome: fat burning/pre-workout
  • Cycle: Cutting & general weight loss
  • Price: £10/20
  • Overall Rating: 70% positive
  • Health Issues: Mild/severe

Customer Reviews/Feedback

“I have always suffered from lack of energy and seem to crash throughout the day! After taking Fire Bullets I felt my energy levels considerably increase and my focus improve. I have been taking the Simply Simple T6 Xplosion supplements for many months and have not looked back. My weight is down and I feel more productive throughout the day! MARIC, Sunderland.”

“Over the years I have used a wide variety of fat burning supplements. With Simply Simple T6 Xplosion being my best option. It works great for energy and keeps me more active in the gym. if I am feeling exhausted then I take my Simply Simple T6 Xplosion and I am ready for a serious workout, works like a charm good product, Steve Birmingham.”

The Conclusion ( Simply Simple T6 Xplosion )

If you’re looking for a product that gets you moving then Simply Simple T6 Xplosion will deliver! It packs a lot of caffeine and other ingredients that will improve your focus, stamina and energy levels over a short period of time. We feel that Simply Simple T6 Xplosion has produced a solid product that gets a good reorder and rate of review.

Our opinion is mixed we know it produces results, but these results are short-lived. Caffeine/stimulants only last for a few hours max before you crash. If you are looking for a pick me up throughout the day then we feel Simply Simple T6 Xplosion is a good/solid choice!

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