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Testo Max Reviews – Can It Improve Your Testosterone?

This Testo Max review reveals the complete breakdown from stacks, research to side effects and ingredients. Can it boost testosterone? We expose all!

Are you fed up of using the same old techniques to improve your testosterone levels? Then, Crazy Bulk has created a product called “TESTO-MAX” claimed to be as good, if not better than other leading brands!

This Testo Max review will reveal ingredients, stacking options and health issues. But more importantly, we will disclose if Testo Max can improve testosterone levels!

This review will help you understand how it works and reveal our findings further down this analysis. Most supplements, patches, and creams related to improving your testosterone are extremely sketchy because of the lack of research and unconfirmed scientific evidence (source).

What Is Testo Max?


Testo-Max is for all levels of bodybuilders looking to get more from their bulking and cutting phases. If you’re over 30, then Testo-Max will also be of interest to you because of the reduction rate of testosterone.

If your a bodybuilder, middle-aged or an athlete looking to up your game, Testo-Max should be an option!


How Does Testo Max Work?


What Testo Max does well is target your related hormones and improve free-flowing testosterone! It achieves this by providing your body with all the ingredients to enhance hormone production while safely boosting free-flowing testosterone. Which leads to:

  1. Improved muscle growth and recovery
  2. Better performance and higher libido levels
  3. Better stamina, energy, and strength
  4. Much easier to build muscle growth
  5. Focus and determination

Like ALL testosterone boosters, they do NOT contain testosterone! But, use ingredients to suppress aromatase enzymes, aromatase enzymes converts testosterone and other hormones into estrogen.

Estrogen makes us fat and causes water retention and bloating. This hormone will hold you back when bulking or cutting because it will restrict muscle growth.

The Difference: By targeting both free testosterone & the healthy production of hormones makes Testo Max unique! Because most well-known brands only target free levels of testosterone!

The Testo-Max Formula

  • Boron. Help keeps your hormone levels healthy.
  • Fenugreek Improves libido, stamina & performance levels.
  • Red ginseng extracts. Improves libido & boosts a users energy.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract. Known to reduce aromatase enzymes.
  • D aspartic acid. Well known to help with hormone levels.
  • Vitamin B12. Keeps your bodily functions healthy.

Can Testo Max Improve Testosterone?

These plants extracts are part of their new formula released in 2018. The Testo Max recipe only consists of plants claimed to enhance our levels of testosterone naturally. With added vitamins and minerals to keep the body in top condition!


  1. Research backs the claims of Testo Max
  2. Utterly safe because it utilises natural plant-based extracts
  3. Will not poison the liver or kidneys
  4. FREE – Worldwide delivery
  5. 60-day Money-back guarantees
  6. Discreet & secure shipping


  • Can only be purchased on the web from the official Crazy Bulk Store
  • Some side effects mentioned in 8/9% of reviews

Testo Max Ratings & Official Website

  • Effects – Testosterone boosting
  • Sales History – 6 years
  • Ingredient Type – Natural
  • Side Effects – Sickness 9% of users
  • Customer Opinion – 73% positive
  • Money-Back Guarantee – 30 days
  • Price Range – $38.00
  • Available For Delivery – Worldwide

Side effects

When we researched the side effects listed in user reviews, we found some consistent issues. Our own experience is positive; we did not feel sick or dizzy.

Many Testo Max reviews have reported side effects; on average, 9% of users reported experiencing sickness and dizziness. Although not severe or even prolonged, readers should be aware of this!

  • Sickness
  • Dizziness

Are you taking any medications? Then, make sure you check with your doctor before you start taking Testo, Max! If you happen to be diabetic, then please avoid Testo Max!

The Directions

The recommended dosage for this supplement is 1-3 tablets a day. Take this on a daily bases even when you are not lifting. It’s best to take it with meals because it can make you feel sick on an empty stomach. On your workout days, take a tablet 40 minutes before your workout.

  • Take three tablets throughout the day
  • Or 40 minutes before you hit the gym

What Use Testo Max?

Testo Max is for both bulking and cutting phases. It can also be stacked with other Crazy Bulk products because stacks will enhance their effects. If you are interested in bundles/stacks, then read our full Crazy Bulk review.

“I bought the T-Max supplement 4 weeks ago and boy, this is the best testosterone increaser I have ever used! The manufacturers say that it’s based upon a plant extract, which explains why I am finding it safe. My strength levels have gone a notch higher and my reps have improved. Testo Max Review submitted by Jamie V, UK.


Testo-Max has become one of the leading natural t-boosters and looks set to become one of the most popular brands of boosters in 2020!

The supplement is not only safe but also hugely effective. User reviews are far more positive than they are negative, which is always a good sign when it comes to supplements!

Testo Max FAQ’S

Can I use this supplement for cutting?

Yes, Testo-Max can be used for both bulking and cut cycles. It’s featured in both types of stacks and regarded as an effective stand-alone booster.

Is Testo Max Better Than TestoFuel & Prime Male?

I have used both TestoFuel and Prime Male! Both products are a great choice, but, Testo Max offers a more potent mixture of ingredients that provide better research and scientific evidence of performance, libido and free-flowing testosterone!

Can I Stack Testo Max?

Stacking is a great way to maximise effectiveness! Crazy Bulk does offer stacks with Testo Max included. We would advise our readers not to stack other brands because you might be taking to much of one ingredient. The Ultimate Stack by Crazy Bulk is a good point to start!

Does Testo Max Contain Testosterone?

No, Testo Max does not contain any hormones/testosterone. Do not purchase this product, thinking it is instantly going to boost hormone levels because it can take a few weeks for this supplement to make a difference!

By Lee Stevenson


Get the facts and the controversial news from the fitness and bodybuilding world through me, Lee Stevenson! I investigate, research and expose many bodybuilding, fitness, and sports-related supplements for what some of them are; Total Junk!

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